Careers at Lord’s School

 At Lord’s our aim is to help all students to achieve their full potential as we believe that every person has their own unique talent, so In line with the Gatsby Benchmarks (detailed below) our careers advice and guidance,  within school and with Progress Careers, is designed to help pupils develop the skills and knowledge  they need to make informed, educated and successful choices.  Wherever an individual’s talents or interests lie we endeavour to nurture every student so that they can follow their dreams and maximise their potential as they progress through their lives.

Gatsby Benchmarks

The impact of our careers provision on students is measured by monitoring and evaluating the quality of our activities and how we deliver them. We welcome and value feedback from students, parents, staff, previous students and our external providers and we analyse the destinations of our students.

Students from Years 7 – 11 will complete the Skills and Careers activities which take students through the stages of career planning from year 7 onwards together with additional activities within school.

Any provider wishing to discuss possible ways they can support our students with their careers education are most welcome to contact school on 01204 523731. This can include supporting our events in school such as Mock interviews, talks and Careers Fairs or in the workplace. Any offers of Work Experience and Workplace visits to inform students of local opportunities would also be very welcome.

In Year 10 and 11 face to face interviews will be arranged with Progress Careers to ensure that every pupil has as much information as possible at their disposal as they take the next steps in their careers.

Year 7, 8 and 9 will also have interviews with Progress careers to assist them to make all important decisions relevant at the ages.

Careers Links

Army Careers


Barclays Life Skills

BBC Bitesize   Helps you explore next steps and decide which qualifications you need.  How to write a cv, application letter and interview tips amongst other skills.

Career Pilot   Another site to help with all the essentials of starting your career

How to become    Further help with daunting tasks as you apply.

Careers in Sports

 Career quiz           Helps match your interest and strengths to a career

Skillsometer      Again match yourself to a career

I could    Tips on subject choices etc at GCSE

My Career springboard  Lots of advice

Prospects     another match yourself to a career aid.


The Russell Group    university information

Look for a job  

National Careers Service